With over 40 years of industry experience, Neal & Adrienne have an abundance of knowledge, expertise, and technology to implement the right solution to meet your ecological needs. 
Neal J. Swanson

Mr. Swanson has been a professional biologist for eight years and has been an amateur biologist for fourteen years.  He has substantial experience in aquatic environments and has conducted research in a variety of lake and stream systems across the State of Michigan. Having a vast knowledge of aquatic sampling techniques helps ensure you are getting the safest and most cost-effective solution for your company. 

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Adrienne M. Gibson

Ms. Gibson is a professional aquatic biologist that specializes in toxicology. She has received grants from various agencies and institutions, such at the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute and Grand Valley State University to conduct various assessments in many different Michigan ecosystems. One of these projects was to understand the effect of  dam removal on the water quality, macorinvetebrate community, and stream bed physical characteristics. 

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