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Neal J. Swanson 


Aquatic Consulting Services II, LLC

BS in Biology - Grand Valley State University


Mr. Swanson has been a professional biologist for ten years and has been an amateur biologist for fourteen years.  He has substantial experience in aquatic environments and has conducted research in a variety of lake and stream systems across the State of Michigan.  He is proficient in many established and emerging aquatic sampling techniques and has presented several times at professional aquatic science conferences.  Mr. Swanson holds a BS in Biology and has conducted graduate research in various labs at Grand Valley State University. 

Research contributions for Mr. Swanson include a comprehensive assessment of juvenile steelhead survival and population dynamics in the Muskegon River and tributaries in Newaygo, MI.  Fish diet and stream discharge data were also collected to assess correlation with observed survival numbers.  He has participated in several salmon and trout population surveys, a radio telemetry study of flying squirrels, and freshwater mussel (unionid) surveys. Mr. Swanson is also adept at nuisance aquatic plant identification and has conducted numerous AIS surveys. Mr. Swanson is also SCUBA certified.  

Mr. Swanson has been a Licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicator for eight years and is skilled in insect identification at multiple life stages, plant identification in several ecosystem types and plant disease identification.  He is also adept in observational techniques that indicate stress conditions in aquatic and terrestrial plant species. 

Currently, Mr. Swanson is a member of the American Fisheries Society, the Michigan Lake and Stream Association, the Entomological Society of America and the Soil and Water Conservation Society.  Mr. Swanson has written several scientific publications which are currently in review.  
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