Adrienne M. Gibson


Aquatic Consulting Services LLC

BS in Biology - Grand Valley State University

MS in Conservative Biology - Central Michigan University


Ms. Gibson is a professional aquatic biologist that specializes in toxicology. She has received grants from various agencies and institutions, such at the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute and Grand Valley State University to conduct various assessments in many different Michigan ecosystems. One of these projects was to understand the effect of dam removal on the water quality, macorinvetebrate community, and stream bed physical characteristics. Ms. Gibson currently holds two degrees, a BS in Biology with an emphasis in Aquatic Sciences and a MS from Central Michigan University in Conservation Biology. In her drive to expand her skill set in the field of biology, Ms. Gibson has volunteered or interned with several prestigious organizations such as the National Park Service, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Annis Water Resources Institute.
Throughout her projects, Ms. Gibson has employed a variety of methodologies to collect the highest quality and most useful data necessary, some of these methodologies include using SCUBA diving to survey mollusk communities, backpack and barge electrofishing to assess fish populations, and microscopy work to understand algal communities. In addition to extensive academic research, Ms. Gibson has also worked in private industry as a professional aquatic toxicologist.
Ms. Gibson has attended and presented her research findings at many different conferences including the Society for Freshwater Sciences annual meeting, the National Conference for Undergraduate Research, Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society meeting, and the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters annual meeting.